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If you own a business, you’ve probably heard of the term “website optimization.” You probably want your website to be the best it can be, but you have no idea where to start—and if you do know where to start, you may not know how to do it. Keep reading to learn the importance of an optimized website and SEO strategies that will help your business grow in 2022.

Why Do You Need An Optimized Website and SEO Strategy?

Optimization Lets Search Engines Understand Your Pages

Ever wonder how Google and other search engines define which websites to display on the first page?

Well, search engines have their own unique algorithms to rank pages. For example, Google uses different factors to determine how to order results. To help search engines better rank your website, you’ll need to employ Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques to parts of your website.

When you need to SEO optimize your website, there are three key elements and building blocks you need to keep in mind:

Technical Set Up

A website’s technical setup is its base, so it is crucial to get it right. Technical setup refers to the structure of your website, the mobile-friendliness, and how “heavy” it is. You need to make sure Google can read your page quickly and there are no data-intensive elements on your page. Additionally, you need to make sure that the page where you want to rank highly is no more than four links from the front page.


In the middle of the pyramid, you want to examine the content on your page and determine if the written text is optimized for search terms that you want to dominate. Choose a few specific keywords or phrases and repeat them about two times per 100 words in your content. Don’t let visitors leave your page—Google doesn’t like that. Provide relevant content so they stay on your page, and also a lot of space between paragraphs so it takes longer for visitors to read the content on your page (without making it boring!). 


And last but not least, when you are optimizing your website for search engines, you need to focus a lot on links. These include internal, external, and link building.

Internal links are the hyperlinks you use to refer back and forth between pages on your website. They allow both users and Google to navigate your website.

External links point to other websites than your own. This shows that you have expertise in your field and that your knowledge pertains to more than just you. This is an essential part of your SEO optimization.

To create authority for your domain and therefore your website, link building is vital. In order for your page to appear popular on Google, it needs to be linked to and recommended by several other sites. It can be considered as link popularity. It improves your SEO optimization since your page will rank higher and have a high PageRank. Pages with a high PageRank rank higher in Google searches.

Optimization Can Improve Your Website’s CTR


Click Through Rate Image

Every website needs clicks, especially if you sell products through your website. Having a high click-through rate (CTR) can be a positive signal for search engine algorithms, meaning that the more clicks you get, the higher you rank.

As a rule of thumb, a click-worthy result is:

  • Informative (the title includes your search query);
  • Promising (in terms of getting the searcher the information they are looking for);
  • Stands out visually from the crowd.

Optimizing organic CTR is essential to a successful SEO campaign. By doing so, you will get more traffic, increase conversions, and be able to rank higher in search results.

Here are 4 effective ways to improve your CTR SEO strategy:

  1. Use Attractive Meta Titles and Descriptions
    1. The optimal length for titles and descriptions
    2. Relevant keywords
    3. Selling notes that emphasize your strengths and offers
    4. Be concise, but high-targeting
    5. Eye-catching formattings like emojis and other attention-grabbing symbols
    6. Unique meta tags that are not exactly your H1.
  2. Use Descriptive URLs
    1. Make sure it is descriptive and SEO-friendly with keywords if possible.
  3. Add Structured Data
    1. Use schema markups to increase CTR and the possibility of getting a Rich snippet or answer box.
  4. Implement Long-Tail Keywords
    1. Optimizing on-page content enhances your site’s SEO performance and improves higher organic CTRs.

Optimization Helps Visitors Navigate Your Page

We all know the frustration of looking for an answer on several website pages, only to not be able to find them. Well, every visitor comes to your website hoping to find the answer to their question or a solution to their problem, but 88% of online consumers are less likely to return to a site after a bad experience.

Think like your customers and organize your content by relevance and interest so that they can find the best stuff first. To prevent users from getting lost, confused, or giving up on your website, keep your menu simple. 

A search bar is essential if you have many pages on your website. Users will be able to easily find the content they’re looking for. The header and footer of your website should also add value and make navigation as easy as possible. 

Always follow the 3 clicks rule! If your visitors can land on any page they want and find the information they need in under 3 clicks, you should be fine.

How Can You Make Sure Your Website Has Been Correctly Optimized?

Depending on the size of your site, optimizing can be a challenging and daunting task. But Cerberus Digital Media guarantees that the potential returns are worth your investment of time and effort.

At Cerberus Digital Media, we can help you reach your website’s potential. Get started today by scheduling a call with us to evaluate the effectiveness of your existing website and SEO score.