As the holiday season approaches, marketers are gearing up to attract maximum customers. With the growing number of businesses worldwide, you’ll need to plan and execute unique social media marketing campaigns to draw people’s attention towards your business.

Before you plan for a holiday season marketing campaign this year, it would benefit you to learn from previously-successful marketing campaigns. Let’s look back on what worked—and what didn’t!

Emotions Always Work

The holiday season is mostly about spending good times with near and dear ones. For instance, Heathrow Airport reflected the emotions of the holiday season through its Homecoming advertisement in 2016. The advertisement showed little acts like waking up the partner when the flight lands and thinking twice before stepping on the escalator.

Though the advertisement didn’t talk about the airport, it stirred a lot of emotions. People could relate to the ad and thus, it became very popular. As the holiday season is an emotional time for people, try to connect with them emotionally.

Customers Should Get Value

Holiday marketing is not only about promoting offers and deals to end customers but also about promoting their brands and educating customers. Proper planning and execution of your holiday marketing campaigns is key. HubSpot, an inbound marketing software, was successful in B2B holiday marketing in 2017. They put up a holiday-themed microsite containing blogs on holiday marketing, eBooks on successful marketing, and helpful tools, like Holiday Trend Tracker.

Holidays are for giving and sharing with your loved ones, which also applies to B2B companies. Go for attractive holiday marketing campaigns and giveaways for your customers. Explore your creativity when running holiday marketing campaigns.

Campaign Should Have a Goodness Element

An act of goodness can spread happiness and cheer during the holiday season. Everlane, a t-shirt manufacturer, started a Black Friday Fund. They performed email marketing to inform customers that all collected proceeds during Black Friday campaigns would be used to improve Chinese factory operations. Simple and non-pushy email marketing could impress numerous target customers.

Another wise idea is to implement unique ways to add goodness to your campaign. If you support an NGO or any special cause that you want to promote, you may include that in your marketing campaign so your brand makes a positive impression on customers.

Online and Offline Customer Experience Should be Good

The holiday season is fun but gets stressful when arranging perfect gifts for friends and families. As a brand marketer, you should deliver an excellent online and offline customer experience so they can easily make a good decision. For instance, Annie Selke, a website offering functional products for homes, conducted a personality quiz to help shoppers choose the right gift for their favorite people.

This interactive marketing approach engaged buyers on their website and made shopping easy for them. You chould also incorporate methods to relieve the stress that usually comes with planning for the upcoming holiday season. For instance, you can prepare a holiday guide of curated products that can help buyers to find the perfect gifts for your friends and families.

These lessons learned from successful holiday marketing campaigns can help you attain massive success this year. Cerberus Digital Media is a full-service digital marketing agency that helps businesses build, improve, and enhance their brand image. We can help you to conduct successful holiday marketing campaigns. Get in touch with our team to learn more!