Digital Marketing Masters Ryan, Jon & Dan, Dive Into what Cerberus Digital Media Is All About.

Join us as Ryan, Dan and Jon navigate the foundation of Cerberus Digital Media and how it has grown as a Digital Marketing SEO company. With the competitive state of online marketing, it has never been more important to groom your digital presence.

Welcome, welcome, welcome folks. This is very exciting. We’ve got all three members of Cerberus Digital Media and Together. We’ve got Dan, Ryan, Jon. We are the founding members and the operation of Cerberus Digital Services as we know it today.

Helping different businesses of all different walks of life, help, grow, scale, and facilitate the growth online through website creation build, SEO optimization, keyword research, an abundance of other things that we utilize to help our businesses grow as well as our client’s businesses grow.

So we just wanted to come to you and just show you the full spectrum of the team. The three dogs that are here right now are what you see and what you will experience behind the scenes. So we just wanted to tell you a little bit more about ourselves and the company. Our roles and responsibilities within the company.

So I’ll start with myself because I always like to do that and I don’t hate the camera at all. My name is Jonathan. I am one of the founding members and owners of Cerberus Digital Services. I founded this company with our partners here, mostly out of a need for myself and my own selfish needs to grow my real estate sales businesses, my other digital media website companies.

And this has helped us grow so much that I knew I could provide it to other people at scale. And I knew I needed talented individuals in order to grow that operation. That’s where you see Ryan and Dan before you here today and I’m going to let them have the spotlight here in one second.

Just to let you know that the results are already showing themselves with myself. So I had to offer it out to other people and let them experience what it’s like. In my consulting business, one of the biggest problems that I experienced in my digital agent and investor coaching courses was that most folks wanted the work done for them.

They didn’t have the time, the ability to go out, do the heavy lifting, become an SEO digital marketer themselves.

So week after week, I was coming up against the same stories of why things weren’t getting done. 90% of my clients asked, “Can you do it for me?”. Yes, the answer is today we can proudly, I can say that and confident that we can deliver the services and the results my clients are looking for today. So Ryan, Dan, do you want to expand upon that?

Yeah, I’d love to. I think that a good part of how Cerberus was founded, like you said, was for The Kirk Home Group. You and I were working together over there trying to build the real estate business up and the pandemic presented us with a number of unique, I don’t want to say problems, but challenges that needed to be overcame.

And in order to overcome some of those challenges, we had to come up with innovative, unique solutions that benefited us and our Digital Marketing

Once we started seeing results from these solutions, some other people around the area in the business in the industry started asking us, “What did you guys do? How did you do that?”.

And that’s when we decided we had an opportunity to build a business. To be able to help people do the same things that we did through the digital marketing media aspect and that’s how Cerberus was born. Those are the tools that we offer. You yourself, you were our first client because we built business based on needs we were trying to fill.

Correct and that was the only place that we could find it. Was by being our own digital marketing media company to get the services we needed to help our websites grow. So we went through that whole process, which was not the easiest and now we can offer that to everybody and that’s where Dan comes into play.

We brought Dan on, he’s the chief operations officer. Dan, why don’t you give them a little bit of your background, where you come from, and then what you see your role being as we move forward into the future of Cerberus.

Thanks guys. So my role is to handle the day-to-day business. I’ve got over 20 years of experience with customer service, sales, operational management and leadership, and tech and device support.

So for me, it’s taking all of these tools that once again started as a way of helping John. Helping you grow that business. And really exaggerating that to the point that we learned that we could help other people that have common needs as well. And so for us, we all get energized by this work that we do.

We love being able to turn around and give back to other businesses as they’re also growing. So that way we can continue that relationship because ultimately that’s what all of this is.

We’re growing relationships between us and our clients to make sure that they get a great experience and we’re going to do it very different than any of our competitors will because we’re going to provide a very personalized and custom Digital Marketing experience.

We are not going to oversell or give you something you don’t need. We are going to find the right solution for you and as your needs continue to evolve. We’re going to evolve right along with you. And so for me, for my role, my vision of good if you will, is to ensure that each one of our clients feels that level of connectivity with each of us and that we can continue to grow with them side by side.

As they take their next steps, we take our next steps. We like to say elevate, evolve, and conquer and we’re going to do that every time there’s a new opportunity for every single one of our clients that signs on with us.

Love that.

Yeah. Great stuff. I think part of it also is that I want to stress and I can’t stress this enough is that while this was born in real estate, this is open and universal to any and all small businesses, larger businesses that want to grow themselves. While we do focus on and help a large number of people in the real estate community. That’s where we got our roots.

We have branched out to all different kinds of industries. Whether it be car dealerships, insurance, lawyers, doctors, it doesn’t matter what your business is. We can take it from the ground or where you are now and just elevate it even further.

Yeah, and to expand upon that, the coolest thing that I think that differentiates us from every industry standard in our worthy competition.

But it’s also the fact that we take a really good consultative approach. There is no cost to empower, to educate you. To give you the levels of awareness that you need as the business owner to make the right decisions that you need in today’s ever changing market and never changing landscape online, where you have to exist.

You have to have authority, you have to have content. But you also have to be relevant across all the aggregators and listing providers and distributors that are out there. And it just goes so deep. The fact that we take the time to really consult at a high level at no cost no matter how long it takes.

If it takes two meetings, five meetings, 10 meetings. Whatever it takes for us to find you the right product that fits your custom needs for your business. That’s what we’re going to do. We’re almost like digital brokers. We’re going to get you the right product for your digital marketing needs, for your solutions.

All right, guys. So thank you again for spending time with us today. Reach out to us for all of your digital marketing needs. Feel free to email or visit our website for more information. We will look forward to seeing you guys soon.